Vancouver Police Union Endorses Ken Sim for Mayor

Vancouver, BC (October 5, 2022)-  The Vancouver Police Union is endorsing ABC mayoral candidate Ken Sim as its choice for Mayor of Vancouver. The endorsement was made based on three factors:

  • The results of a public safety questionnaire survey conducted of mayoral candidates between August 18 and September 2, 2022.
  • A review by the VPU board of the crime and safety policy announcements of campaign platforms.
  • The public safety positions taken by mayoral candidates at the VPU public safety forum on October 3 at Vancouver’s Jewish Community Centre.


“Public safety is the number one issue in this year’s civic election. Vancouverites are afraid to walk the streets of their neighbourhoods. Small business owners are struggling to keep their doors open,” said Vancouver Police Union President Ralph Kaisers. “The VPU feels safety is a right – for everyone. Electing Ken Sim and an ABC majority will ensure that police and other front-line responders will have the resources they need to protect and serve Vancouverites.” 


In its platform, ABC has committed to hiring 100 new police officers in addition to reinstating the school liaison officer program. An ABC Majority will also develop a task force to address the dramatic rise in anti-Asian, anti-Semitic, and anti-Indigenous hate crimes. Other campaign commitments include a VPD graffiti abatement program and the expansion of successful VPD/health authority-led programs like Car 87. Read the complete ABC platform here:


“Vancouverites don’t feel safe in their city. The VPU board and its members are committed to taking action to change that – and if it means getting political, so be it.” said Kaisers. “This municipal election, we need to demand accountability out of city hall because safety is a right and everybody deserves to feel safe.”